Terms & Conditions

Exhibitor Participator Fee as listed in current year show schedule and online at www.fdaexpo.com

  1. Payment terms: Contract and exhibit for participation fees are due and payable in full at least 30 days in advance of the expo date.

  2. In the event the exhibitor cancels any or all of the exhibited space contracted for, the exhibitor must do so in writing (fax or email).

    1. To obtain a refund the cancellation must be received at least 45 days prior to the show(s) exhibitor is cancelling.

    2. Cancellations received between 45 days to 15 days prior to a show will result in a credit being applied to another show less a $30 cancellation fee.

    3. Cancellations received within 15 days of a show date are not eligible for a credit or refund. Within 15 days of an event full liability is incurred.

    4. **Refunds will not include the $20 processing fee.

  3. Reservations are not transferable without permission of IT Network. Sign and return contract via fax or email to:
Federal Direct Access Expositions
Fax: 301-686-8614 · Email: [email protected]

Rule and Regulations:

The following rules and regulations are enforceable as part of the contract entered into between IT Network dba Federal Direct Access Expositions and participating company/organization.

  1. Participation fees will include a standard table (minimum 2' x5'), 2 chairs, approx 6 amps of electrical power. Exhibitor agrees to display equipment and products that will conform to the limitations of the display area as stated above. Requests for any special electrical services must be made to IT Network in advance of the show.

  2. The Exhibitor agrees not to sublet or assign all or part of the display area; nor permit individuals other than employees and/or representatives to use the facilities provided.

  3. Exhibitors must confine their activities to their exhibit area and conduct their activities in such a way that will not infringe on the rights of other exhibitors or offend visitors in the exhibit.

  4. The Exhibitor agrees to comply with local fire and safety regulations and furnish any permits as may be required by local authorities.

  5. The Exhibitor agrees to abide by the set-up and tear-down times stated in the exhibitor instructions for each show.

  6. The Exhibitor agrees that IT Network, its agents and employees, and the hosting organization and its employees:

    1. will not be responsible for any damages to or for the loss or destruction of the Exhibitors property or injuries to the Exhibitor, his representatives, agents or employees, all claims for any such loss, damage, or destruction or injury being expressly waived by the Exhibitor,

    2. will be exempted or indemnified for any claims for injury to any of the Exhibitor's representatives, agents, or employees.

  7. The Exhibitor agrees to hold IT Network, its agents and employees harmless, and to reimburse the same for any judgments, settlements, legal fees, costs or other expenses to which it may be subject, for any injury, damage, loss, or harm resulting or occurring to anyone in connection with an IT Network event, its employees or representatives.

  8. IT Network, its agents and employees will not be liable for failure to hold the event as scheduled due to acts of God, strikes, authority of the hosting organization, or for any other causes beyond the control of the IT Network. Payments for exhibit participation will be returned in the event of cancellation of the event by the IT Network.

  9. IT Network reserves the right to reject any exhibit which is objectionable to attendees or other exhibitors. No liabilities or damages whatsoever against IT Network or any of its agents and employees shall be incurred because of such rejection.

  10. IT Network does not approve, endorse, or recommend the use of any specific commercial product or services. The Participant may not imply verbally or in printed literature, that their company products or services are approved, endorsed, or recommended by IT Network due to participation in an IT Network event.

  11. IT Network will conduct all events as scheduled during times of inclement weather unless the Federal Government is closed. Refunds and credits, etc. are not available for companies who choose not to participate due to inclement weather if the event is held as scheduled.

  12. Participants who fail to comply with the security requirements may be denied access to the selected site by the hosting agency and/or IT Network. IT Network will not be responsible and will not provide refunds or credits to Participants who are denied admission to the event site due to failure to comply with these security instructions.

  13. IT Network reserves the right to rescind all or part of any discounts extended to Participant if Participant cancels any components that change the original agreement and number of events that qualify for a discount. IT Network also reserves the right to back-bill any fees/costs should the above circumstances occur.

  14. Participants agree not to accept any forms of funds (credit card, checks, cash or other funds) while participating in IT Network events.